Can Mobile Phone Billing Audits Save Your Business Money?

The more mobile phones you have for your business, the harder it gets to understand the bills. Looking for areas where cost savings can be made can be like looking for a needle in a haystack, particularly when you’re without industry knowledge on the latest tariffs, premium numbers, traveling aboard and data usage packages.

Billing Audit Services can help you to keep control of your mobile phone budget. Here’s how….

Using specialist software, the cost of every individual call on every alternative tariff can be calculated as part of the billing auditing process. The analysis uses information from your routine paper bill or online billing platform. If you receive your bill in paper form, sophisticated character recognition software can convert your itemized bill and input it into an Excel spreadsheet, before it is then processed through the rerating system. After this, a full breakdown of each user’s call profile can be given in report format and matched automatically against the best current tariffs on the market. Specific tailoring can be applied to individual needs thus gaining a truly bespoke, cost saving package.

Billing audits are quick to carry-out with recommendations and new tariffs being put in place within a matter of days. This is far quicker than it would be if you or a member of your team were to scruntinise paper bills and scour the internet for the best deals. In your audit you can compare as many networks and tariffs as you like, even bespoke tariffs, quickly and efficiently.

Regular reviews of what you pay for with regards to your business mobile phones should be considered just like any other service your business invests in. Tariffs and packages from networks are ever changing and it is our aim to support customers by taking the hassle out mobile phone management by seeking out the very best mobile tariffs for them. If you’d like to explore the benefits of a Billing Audit then please call us on 01905 745613, email [email protected] or alternative visit


Our Relationship with Carphone Warehouse

We are proud to partner Carphone Warehouse Business, supporting our knowledge and resources, enabling us to advise businesses at all levels and all budgets. Whether it’s mobile phones for small businesses looking to control costs or an integrated, multisite organisation with over 100 handsets, our bespoke business solutions can help you gain control over your communication and your budget.

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